Lib Dems reveal quarantine spot check numbers are sloping off

Liberal leader Willie Rennie and Justice Secretary Humza Yousaf.

By Democrat reporter

Scottish Liberal Democrats have today published analysis revealing the percentage of people under quarantine who are being spot checked has slipped over the last three weeks and now sits at just 8.7%.

In the week ending 16th August the percentage of people the government attempted to spot check was 14%. By the week ending 30th August this number had dropped to just 8.7%.

Speaking at a meeting of the Health and Sport Committee on 25th August, Justice Secretary Humza Yousaf said:  “I would like to see Public Health Scotland exceed the number of people that they are already contacting, because the more people who are contacted, the larger the sample size and the greater confidence we can have in the numbers”.

Scottish Liberal Democrat health leader Willie Rennie said:”It’s frankly ridiculous that despite my weeks of questioning the blatant failings with the quarantine spot check system haven’t been ironed out.

“The Justice Secretary told me he wanted to see the spot check numbers rise but we have it here in black and white that they’re sloping off already.

“Quarantine is an incredibly important part of the puzzle that will keep us all safe. The government hasn’t got a clue where hundreds of people are and they aren’t doing enough to remedy that.”

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  1. If ever there was a waste of space then it surely has to be Willie Rennie.

    Only a month or so ago he was demanding that the First Minister install mask vending machines in every bus and railway station concourse. Quite who was going to install and service these machines for something that folks can buy in every corner shop, newsagent, or supermarket, is a good question.

    Maybe Willie thought there was an army of contractors all sitting ready to dig up the stations, run power cables through the concourses and then install mask vending machines – with another army of attendants to empty the cash and restock the machines, assuming that they actually sold any masks.

    And now another windbag outburst the Willie Boy wants an army of COVID testers knocking on folks doors who are self quarantining.

    Frankly, the guys a windbag, and a waste of space with outbursts like these.

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