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The number of coronavirus tests being carried out halved in less than a week, calling into question the effectiveness of Test and Protect, MSP Jackie Baillie said today.

Statistics published by the Scottish Government yesterday have revealed that the number of coronavirus tests carried out in Scotland dropped from 27,246 on the 2 September to 12,203 on 7 September.

With the number of cases reported skyrocketing, Jackie Baillie is calling on the Health Secretary to explain the significant decrease in the number of tests carried out.

Jackie Baillie MSP for Dumbarton, Vale of Leven, Helensburgh and Lomond, said:  “Test and Protect is Scotland’s means of preventing the spread of the virus and the Health Secretary herself has said that hunting down Covid-19 via testing is key to its’ success.

“Worryingly, local people in West Dunbartonshire and Argyll & Bute, including those who work in our care homes, have had serious challenges accessing testing and getting their results and this huge drop in the numbers of tests carried out, at a time when confirmed cases are increasing, will shake public confidence.

“Everyone who needs a test should get one and should get their results promptly. The Health Secretary must reassure people in West Dunbartonshire and Argyll & Bute that Test and Protect is properly resourced, effective and reliable.”

Total daily tests – Table 5

02/09/2020              27,246
03/09/2020              20,558
04/09/2020              18,266
05/09/2020              15,618
06/09/2020              18,418
07/09/2020              12,203



  1. C’mon Jackie, stop playing politics on this important issue. You are way better than that.

    Presumably since we are not undertaking mandatory stop and test testing, the numbers for the most part derive from the number of people coming forward to be tested.

    I don’t know but looking at the figures it looks like an initial surge at the beginning of the week with the numbers declining thereafter as tests progressed throughout the week. Location and numbers resident also play a part. Devil and detail unfortunately when it comes to numbers. But it certainly looks like we’re on the right road for the deployment of testing resources.

    As for mandatory stop and test, I hope no one is recommending that, but maybe it is something to consider. But if they are, what about mandatory testing before access is granted to the pub. That’d get the tests up and maybe stop spread..

    And message to Cllr McColl. You’ve blamed families for meeting in their houses, and spreading the virus to make WDC the worst area in Scotland. Don’t now issue another statement blaming people for not coming forward to be tested. Just don’t. No one wants to hear that.

  2. Just been reading about Boris Johnson’s ‘ moonshot ‘ mission to scale up daily testing by 2021 to 10,000,000 tests a day.

    Yes that’s right, 10 million tests a day, every day, or 70,000,000 tests a week. With more tests in a week than there are men, women and children every one will be being tested every week.

    At an estimated £100 billion, Yes that’s right, more than the entire budget of the NHS it’s going to be Klondyke time for Astra Zeneca, Serco, Capita, GS4 security. Roadblocks, entrances to bus, rail, port and airports, entry to shops offices, schools, nurseries , hospital, care homes, private homes, this will be medical lockdown on an astronomical scale.

    And what of the people testing positive, what of them. Mass penal colonies or transportation to isolation camps. Yes just think about it, ten million tests a day, every day, and for why?

    People need to be afraid, very afraid, these are frightening times. COVID has become the ruse to change our way of life beyond our imagination. Mass population control is here.The culling and the control of the herd is underway!

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