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Statistics out today have revealed an increase of 16.5 per cent in the number of Debt Payment Programmes accepted under the Debt Arrangement Scheme between January and August this year compared to the same period last year.

Scottish Labour Deputy Leader and Finance Spokesperson Jackie Baillie MSP said: “The significant rise in the number of approved Debt Payment Programmes demonstrates the disastrous impact that the effects of the pandemic are having on household finances.

“With the Scottish Government failing to impose a moratorium on fees and interest payments accrued on top of debt, before repayment arrangements are agreed, we risk seeing a situation in which household debt continues to build.

“With a tidal wave of job losses set to sweep Scotland due to the end of the furlough scheme, it is more vital than ever that the Scottish Government thinks twice about its refusal to freeze fees and interest payments accrued on top of household debt.

“We cannot allow families and individuals to be weighed down by the burden of personal debt. The Scottish Government must act swiftly to provide those in debt with the breathing space that they need and deserve.”

There were 2,130 approved Debt Payment Programmes under Debt Arrangement Scheme in the year to the end of August 2020 compared with 1,829 for the same period the year before, an increase of 16.5%.

While today’s statistics have not revealed an increase in the number of bankruptcies, Ms Baillie contends that the report is clear that it is not correct to interpret these as the number of individuals with problem debts being low.


  1. When the furlough scheme ends it’s going to be carnage. And the chancellor knows it.

    Defaulted mortgages, defaulted car loans, no money to spend in shops, on goods, on eating out, hard times, very hard times ahead. And with Scotland set to exit the EU at the end of the year the hard times look set to get even harder.

    But hey hoe, as Chancellor Rishak very recently said there is no point in extending the furlough because it would only keep people who are going to lose their jobs in a job a bit longer.

    Bite the bullet on that one folks. You voted for it. And out of the EU and in the jaws of recession, many are going to do the tragic Spandau Ballet.

  2. And for those who do not know the origins of the term Spandau Ballet it is said to relate to the jerky movements of the Nazi prisoners hanged at Spandau prison, or the movement of prisoners getting shot down by machine gun.

    Lovely images and so reflective of those who will soon be dancing for their very existence in a post Brexit, economically slumped Covid impacted UK.

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