Picture No. 29

Auchendennan House overlooking Duck Bay at Arden, Loch Lomondside.


By Bill Heaney

This house is listed on-line as being in Alexandria. No disrespect to the Vale, but although it’s only a few miles up the lochside, this magnificent mansion is light years away from the beautiful valley where the Leven flows.

It is Auchendennan House, which many of you will remember as Loch Lomond Youth Hostel at Arden, overlooking Duck Bay.

I believe it was purchased some years ago by a Dutchman, who has restored the house inside and out, as you can see from the wonderful photographs, which can be accessed via the link under the photograph above.

I have known the house for many years since it was where television journalist Lynn Faulds Wood was brought up by her parents, Jim and Betty Wood.

Jim was an accountant, who was custodian of the house for the YMCA, and his wife, Betty, was a ground breaking journalist, who specialised in writing about women’s interests for the County Reporter, where I was editor for a time, and the Helensburgh Advertiser.

Lynn Faulds Wood, who was educated at Vale of Leven Academy, and died only recently, was married to the television journalist John Stapleton and they worked together for a time, mostly on Watchdog and other BBC consumer affairs programmes.

When Lynn died, aged 72, her family issued a statement which said: “Having suffered a massive stroke and a subsequent bleed on the brain, presenter and journalist Lynn Faulds Wood passed away peacefully at 12 noon today with her husband John Stapleton and son Nick at her bedside.”

Faulds Wood’s TV career began in the early 1980s when she worked on the breakfast show show TV-AM.  She then moved to another BBC programme, Breakfast Time, before hosting Watchdog.

Lynn Faulds Wood hosted the consumer rights programme alongside her husband between 1985 and 1993, and during their tenure the show became a huge prime time hit.

She survived bowel cancer while working for the programme and went on to call for better awareness of the illness.

After her moving documentary Bobby Moore [England’s World Cup winning captain in 1966] & Me aired, Faulds Wood received thousands of letters from fans.

She continued campaigning until her death, helping to launch the world’s first ever symptoms-based bowel cancer guide in 2000.

  • Remember, you can see all the photographs of this house by clicking on the link under the photograph above. If you wish to buy the house, it will cost just under £4 million, but you can see why from these pictures. Ed

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