SNP facing legal action over ‘breach’ of all-female shortlist

Mridul Wadhwa has been put forward as a candidate to contest the Stirling seat at next year’s Holyrood election
Mridul Wadhwa has been put forward as a candidate to contest the Stirling seat at next year’s Holyrood election.

For Women Scotland (FWS), a feminist campaign group, claims the party has broken the Equality Act by having a “male candidate” on an all-women shortlist. FWS has published a letter which was sent to the SNP on their behalf by Sindi Mules, a partner with the Balfour and Manson legal firm.

Ms Mules wrote that all-women shortlists to address the under-representation of women in parliament were legislated for by the Equality Act, which was “quite clear”.

Meanwhile, the selection process for an SNP candidate to oust Jackie Baillie MSP for Dumbarton is ongoing against a background of deep resentment at the dropping of Cllr Caroline McAllister, deputy leader of West Dunbartonshire Council, from the short leet.

The selection process for Dumbarton has been taken out of the hands of the local constituency association and taken over by the  national executive after McAllister was pushed out by WOKE, a party within a party with a special interest in gay and trans gender matters.

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  1. No surprise really that the SNP could be facing court action.

    The inclusion of a nominee on a female only candidate list who is an unreconstructed man in a dress, devoid of any gender reassignment certificate, and in a job at a Rape Support unit that he admits he would not have gotten had he declared his biological and registered gender status, is truly astounding.

    I am not a women. But if I was, and I had been raped or abused I’m sure I would have thoughts about what men are and how they can behave. Can it be right therefore that a vulnerable woman could be treated by a man dressed and looking like a women.

    And what of the character of that person who is recorded on video admitting his employers would not have given him the job in the Rape Centre had they known his gender.

    Maybe (Mr) Mridul is a decent person, maybe the comment about him getting the job was innocent, I mean getting a job knowing that your employer doesn’t know who you really are, I mean that’s all right, isn’t it?

    And that it seems it is all right too for the SNP who allegedly approved him as a candidate on the intervention of a senior government minister. That’s all right too?

    And then locally, the able and capable Cllr Caroline McAllister, widely respected by many, but binned as a candidate because it seems of her position on protecting women’s spaces.

    Or what of the other SNP charmer who declares that in advance of any legislation he already makes it his own priority to use the women’s toilets. Truly such logic is bizarre to most ordinary folks.

    This is not a vote winner. Absolutely no chance of that. That’s for sure!

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