FUNERALS: Chance to properly mourn the loss of a loved one

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By Democrat reporter

WE are living through extraordinary times, where the rituals associated with the cycle of life are being turned on their head.

This pandemic has robbed many families of the chance to properly mourn the loss of a loved one, making the anguish and pain of that loss even more difficult.

In recognition of this need, A Quiet Revolution, a Glasgow-based charity which delivers weddings, funeral and other ceremonies, are offering their services, free of charge, to conduct a funeral or memorial service to around 15 families living in and based around Glasgow.

The role of the celebrant is critical. They can help in the planning of the funeral or memorial service, set its tone, and bring richness and meaning to the stories of the life being celebrated. The value of a funeral or memorial service has arguably never been stronger, or more needed, and is an important part of remembrance and recovery.

When families pay for a funeral celebrant, they can also donate to help other families who may struggle to meet the costs. It is through these small acts of kindness that this funeral fund has been kick-started and this offer made possible.

Dependent on current restrictions, A Quiet Revolution will provide a celebrant to lead the funeral or memorial, either in person or through Zoom for a wider group to attend. Those who attend will also have the chance to donate, if they choose, to help other families who are struggling to meet costs.

Applications are requested from those in need, and should be made to:

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