JOURNALISM: The National Union of Journalists have places available ON courses

The National Union of Journalists still have some places available on next week’s courses:


Copyright is the most wide-ranging of the intellectual property rights and is crucial for freelance journalists, writers, photographers and artists in making a living. It is also crucial for commissioning editors to ensure that they acquire all the rights they need.

This 2 hour course will cover:

  • Protecting your own copyright and not breaching others’
  • Originality, ownership, co-ownership
  • Fair dealing for research & private study, criticism, review and news reporting
  • Kill fees
  • The rules of commissioning and, to quote Sam Goldwyn without permission, are

verbal contracts worth the paper they’re written on?

THE BOOK ROUTE – 17 & 18 NOVEMBER 2020 (1Oam-12noon)

This is 2 sessions of 120 minutes and will look at ways to get your project published.  It will cover:  Positioning your project in the market

Self or traditional publishing

Are agents worth their 15 percent?


COLLABORATIVE LEADERSHIP – 17 NOVEMBER 2020 (9.30am-11.30am weekly for 5 weeks)

Activities on the 5 session course are led by two tutors, one the Director of the Doctoral Programme in Counselling Psychology at Caledonian University, the other an expert in organisational cultures and non-confrontational methods of conflict resolution. The tutors lead participants through a series of teaching sessions and practical group activities. These include sessions on:

  • The challenges within participants’ workplaces.
  • The basic psychology of leadership.
  • Other ways of leading: the Michigan Model.
  • Listening and communication skills.
  • Analysis of behavioural motivation and consideration of the Iceberg Model.
  • Confidence, self-care and mindfulness

To check eligibility and book a place, please email me as soon as possible.  Available places will be allocated on a ‘first come’ basis.

Joan Macdonald
Training Manager
NUJ Training Scotland
Tel:  0141 251 0363   Mob:  07730 513991

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