Nicola Sturgeon and her husband, Peter Murrell, SNP chief executive.

By Democrat reporter

Scottish LibDem Alex Cole-Hamilton MSP has today called for Peter Murrell to be recalled to the Scottish Parliament’s harassment committee to answer further questions about his use of WhatsApp and his actions in relation to the Scottish Government’s investigation into Alex Salmond. 

Mr Cole-Hamilton, left,  has written to the committee’s clerks to say “Further to the revelations in today’s papers which cast significant doubt over aspects of Mr Murrell’s evidence – particularly his apparent use of WhatsApp until late November, I would like to propose we recall Mr Murrell to answer questions about those inconsistencies either next week or the week after.” 

Mr Cole-Hamilton said:  “If Peter Murrell thinks that half-truths and untruths will convince the committee to give up its enquiries, he is dead wrong. 

“The public are not being well served by sneakiness and evasion. With significant doubts now cast over the evidence he gave, Peter Murrell should return to the committee for further questioning. 

“If this is the level of co-operation the public can expect from the Sturgeon-Murrell household, then we are in for a long and painful process.” 

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