St Patrick’s Parish, Dumbarton

Christmas Appeal

Thank you to all who have helped with the Advent Tree appeal.
Your generosity has been uplifting.
We are lucky in having the resources to be able to be generous at this time of year.
Christmas should be a joyous time because we celebrate such a great joy that has been given to us.
I would like to appeal again to your goodness.
If you have a wardrobe or cupboard that is overly full of old clothes, we would be happy to take them from you and redistribute them to those that are without and can’t afford new clothes.
We are looking for:

Coats/Jackets (in good condition)

and Hats/gloves/scarfs and warm woolly jumpers

If you have such things in your homes that you want to dispose of, then please consider giving them to us.
You can drop them off at the car park at the Church Hall on Sunday between 12.30 and 1.30pm
and on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday between 9.45 – 11.00am.
They will be cleaned and disinfected before being made available for those in need.
Thank you!

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