ENTERTAINMENT: Billy Connolly confirms he will never do another show

Billy Connolly standing next to a body of water: Billy Connolly will talk about his illness in a new documentary©

Billy Connolly will talk about his illness in a new documentary

By Katie Archer

Sir Billy Connolly has said Parkinson’s disease “will end me” – but added that he was OK with that as he “ended high”.

The comedian has opened up about the progress of his illness in ITV documentary Billy Connolly: It’s Been a Pleasure where he was upfront about what was to come.

He said: “It’s got me and it will get me and it will end me but that’s OK with me.”

Sir Billy – we all consider him local because of his connections with Bonhill, Drymen and Loch Lomond –  added: “I started low and I ended high. Just staying up there, until it is time to stop, seems a natural and good thing to do. It is a good thing to be proud of, I wanted to be a funnyman and I got it.”

The star was first diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2013 and has not performed a stand-up gig since 2017 because he started to find he couldn’t remember his stories well enough.

He confirmed there would be no more shows, saying: “I’ve done my stand-up. I did it for 50 years. I did it quite well. And it is time to stop.

“My illness, my Parkinson’s disease, has rendered me different. It would either mean renewing what I do and doing something else, or give up what I did and that’s what I’ve done.”

The programme will feature tributes to the Scottish star from famous friends including Sir Paul McCartney, Sir Elton John, and Dustin Hoffman.

Sir Billy, who lives in Florida with his wife Pamela Stephenson, has spoken out before about the effects that his illness have had, and is writing his autobiography.

He also took the opportunity to thank his fans in the documentary, saying: “It’s been a pleasure talking to you all those years.

“You have been magnificent.”

Billy Connolly: It’s Been a Pleasure airs on ITV on Monday 28 December at 9.30pm.

Top picture is of Billy Connolly and Gerry Rafferty when they were the Humblebums. Watch: Sir Billy Connolly – PM is a ‘big, silly toff’

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