Giving assistance to shop owners would help to keep shop workers in employment.

By Lucy Ashton

Jackie Baillie, MSP for Dumbarton Constituency, has called for additional funding to be made available to businesses that rely on Hogmanay as a key source of revenue but have been forced to close due to pandemic restrictions and the tier system.

This call comes as First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, urged people to remain at home during the festive season, avoiding street parties and the traditional first-footing, with blanket Tier 4 restrictions across mainland Scotland from Boxing Day.

Jackie Baillie has repeatedly called for more support to be given to businesses who have been negatively impacted by COVID-19 restrictions and the ongoing economic crisis caused by the pandemic. She has urged the government to provide specific support for businesses in the hospitality and tourism sectors – two sectors that the local community relies heavily on.

Jackie Baillie MSP said: “Pubs shops, restaurants and bars have all been impacted by the pandemic. However, not all tourism businesses can simply go online and not everyone can access the internet. Many other smaller businesses depend on physical footfall and passing traffic to keep their businesses afloat, such as stalls, rides and visitor attractions.

“They depend on in-person interaction and are the backbone of our high streets and communities. We cannot risk them falling through the funding cracks.

“Funding has been made available for some tourism businesses, along with the £14m fund for hotels. However, this fund has been overwhelmed with applications and shows that there has been a miscalculation over the level of support needed across Scotland.

“Without a clear COVID exit strategy in place, the Sottish government must do more to target relief at smaller, tourist-dependent businesses and provide assurances that support will be made available to them.”

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  1. Oh c’mon, this is just another SNP baad story.

    We all know only too well how small businesses are struggling. But the support money comes from Westminster. They, and they alone decide if businesses get furlough or not. It’s a Treasury scheme. And for small self employed people, the Chancellor specifically excluded them from furlough, leaving them to have to fold their business and claim Universal credit.

    But don’t worry Labour. You voted with the Tories to exit Europe, and once we are out, the fun of the drive to a low wage offshore sweat shop economy for the many, will truly begin.

    And with reduced benefits, reduced worker protections, reduced safety and environmental protections, they’ll be loads of desperate folk ready to anything for the lowest possible wage.

    Enjoy your Brexit exit party this evening.

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