1. The aerial picture of the Sand Point estuarial fan is most interesting in that it brings into sharp focus the huge extent of landfilling that’s gone on to the Clyde and Leven Estuary.

    Looking at the extent of filling there must have been around a million tonnes of material dumped there.

    Filled with goodness knows what the narrowing of the river channel will without doubt be giving rise to significant hydrological impacts extending up and down river. Yes the changing face of Dumbarton as the picture shows, But is it for the better.

  2. The extent of new houses on the site of the old distillery and along to the Castle is also quite incredible change and wouldn’t it be fantastic for the town if some kind of footbridge could be installed to allow access over to Leven Grove and Posties parks.

    Indeed, if the Sandpoint landfill could be converted into some kind of public amenity area for sports, water sports and maybe some kind of visitor facility that would be a great addition to the town.

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