By Holly Thomas

LAWMAKERS VOW TO INVESTIGATE POLICE Lawmakers are vowing an investigation into how law enforcement botched the violent breach at the Capitol. U.S. Capitol Police, charged with protecting Congress, turned to other law enforcement for help with the mob that overwhelmed the complex and sent lawmakers into hiding. Outraged lawmakers from both parties said the police force seemed inexplicably understaffed and unprepared, even though Trump had stoked the mob at an earlier rally and talk of the insurrection had been brewing for days online. [AP]‌

BIDEN DENOUNCES ‘ASSAULT’ ON DEMOCRACY Biden, decrying an “assault on the citadel of liberty,” lamented Trump’s leadership failure as his supporters mounted a violent siege of the U.S. Capitol building. “To storm the Capitol, to smash windows, to occupy offices,” Biden continued. “It’s not a protest. It’s insurrection.” He called the actions an “unprecedented assault” on U.S. democracy. [HuffPost]‌

TRUMP RIOTERS BRING VIOLENCE ACROSS COUNTRY Trump-supporting protesters and rioters gathered at state capitols across the country, inspired by violent scenes at the U.S. Capitol building in Washington. In Arizona, members of a pro-Trump group cracked the window of a museum at the state Capitol, reportedly while shouting for Republican Gov. Doug Ducey to exit the building. [HuffPost]

LAWMAKERS CALL TO IMPEACH TRUMP Several Democratic lawmakers and one Republican called for Trump to be impeached for a second time for encouraging rioters who took over the U.S. Capitol. Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) said she was drawing up articles of impeachment on Wednesday afternoon while many lawmakers were on lockdown. [HuffPost]

WORLD REACTS WITH HORROR As Trump extremists overtook the U.S. Capitol, politicians and leaders worldwide condemned the riots and the threat they posed to American democracy.  British Prime Minister Boris Johnson called the scenes “disgraceful.” Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon indirectly condemned Trump, saying, “Shame on those who have incited this attack on democracy.” [HuffPost]‌

RNC OFFICIAL HIT WITH COLD HARD TRUTH Michael Ahrens, communications director of the Republican National Committee, faced swift backlash after he condemned the pro-Trump rioters’ storming of the U.S. Capitol as “domestic terrorism.” People on Twitter suggested it was far too little and far too late from an official at the outfit that has thrown its wholehearted support behind Trump and has questioned President-elect Joe Biden’s election victory. [HuffPost]‌

TWITTER THREATENS TRUMP WITH PERMANENT BAN Facebook and Twitter removed several messages posted by Trump, a step that the social media giants had largely resisted during his four-year administration. Twitter added that Trump’s personal account would be locked for 12 hours following “repeated and severe” violations of its policies. Future violations, it said, could result in the account’s permanent suspension. [HuffPost]‌

TRUMP’S MOVES RIGHT OUT OF THE FASCIST PLAYBOOK As thousands of Trump’s fanatical supporters smashed windows and stormed the U.S. Capitol, realizing a plot that was apparently brewing for days, at least one historian was not surprised in the least. “I hate it when I’m right,” said Ruth Ben-Ghiat, a New York University professor and fascism expert who has been warning that Trump would resort to force rather than leave office peacefully. [HuffPost]

JON OSSOFF WINS IN GEORGIA, GIVING DEMS SENATE CONTROL Democrats Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock won Georgia’s Senate runoffs, ousting GOP incumbents and giving each party 50 seats in the Senate. Vice President-elect Kamala Harris will be the tiebreaker. Hillary Clinton had a five-word response for Mitch McConnell. [HuffPost]

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