Yet another patient fighting for her life after contracting the Covid 19 virus.

By Democrat reporter

Scottish Labour has strengthened its calls for enhanced protection and full vaccination for all healthcare staff by the end of February, as Public Health Scotland figures this week show an increase in Covid hospital admissions.

It raises more concerns around hospital-acquired Covid infections which, Scottish Labour says, are still too high. It comes after the Scottish Labour debate In the Scottish Parliament debate this week, Protection for Scotland’s Health and Care Workforce, which highlighted the need for enhanced PPE protections and a faster vaccine roll-out.

Scottish Labour interim leader Jackie Baillie, right,  said: “Scotland has had one of the highest Covid-19 death rates in the world, and with hospital cases increasing it is more vital than ever that our health service staff have maximum protection, and that enhanced measures are in place. However, hospital-acquired Covid infections are still too high.

“Thousands of people have already delayed seeking health treatment throughout the pandemic, and with more people being admitted to hospital, they must feel confident that the SNP Government is doing everything it can to ensure that all health services can continue in a Covid-19 safe way.”

Scottish Labour has called on the Scottish Government to make significant improvements in the delivery of its contact tracing system, as new figures this week revealed that at least a quarter of cases are taking over 48 hours to be interviewed.

Since the end of December, between 23.8 per cent and 57.2 per cent of weekly Test and Protect cases were taking over 48 hours between the test and an interview being completed.  The slow performance comes on the back of recent reports that show fewer than half of those using NHS Scotland’s Covid app who tested positive entered the code to alert other users that they should isolate.

Meanwhile, Scottish Labour has said that too many issues still remain with the delivery of Test and Protect and that improvements must be made urgently.

Dumbarton MSP Jackie Baillie said: “The Scottish Government has had months to get Test and Protect fully operational but it is clear there is room for improvement in its delivery.

“The SNP cannot afford to become complacent at this crucial stage or allow the system to stall. With the new Covid variant it is more imperative than ever that cases are identified and interviewed quickly if we are to control the spread of the virus.

“Test turnaround times must be improved and efforts made to cut the time it takes for contact tracers to access the details of positive cases. Too many people are still falling through the cracks.

“All eyes might be on problems around the vaccine roll-out but the SNP government can’t afford to drop the ball when it comes to Test and Protect.”

A care home resident receives a dose of the Covid 19 vaccine.

Responding to the First Minister’s announcement that 415,402 people have been vaccinated, an increase of just 11,364 compared to Saturday, LibDem leader Willie Rennie said: “The First Minister’s excuses on the roll out of the vaccine are wearing very thin.

“People see Scotland slipping further and further behind England on this critical public health initiative.

“It may take longer to vaccinate someone in a care home but that doesn’t mean the hundreds of thousands of unused vaccines should be left in storage when GPs could be sticking them in people’s arms.

“The question for the First Minister is why are GPs being deprived of the vaccines when they are ready to get on with the job.”


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