By Lucy Ashton

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde has now administered more than 37,000 COVID-19 vaccinations to frontline NHS and community health care staff at the Louisa Jordan Hospital in Glasgow.

The team of vaccinators have been working tirelessly, each administering approximately one dose of COVID vaccine every ten minutes. The hospital was open and vaccinating patients on Saturday and Sunday.

Now, letters with appointment dates and times, have started arriving in West Dunbartonshire.

Bernie Heaney, pictured left,  a retired physiotherapist, who lives at Roundriding Road, Dumbarton, was “delighted” when hers arrived to give a date for the beginning of February at the Concord Centre.

Director of Public Health at NHSGGC, Dr Linda de Caestecker, said:  “Our vaccination teams, including support staff and pharmacy staff, have been doing a tremendous job ensuring that our frontline health care staff are vaccinated swiftly and safely.

NHS Louisa Jordan is providing a vital resource to the COVID vaccination programme, enabling NHSGGC teams to administer the vaccine to more than 37,000 of our staff so far. I would like to thank our staff who have already rolled up their sleeve to receive their COVID vaccination and to the many more who are scheduled to do so in the coming weeks.”

Health Secretary, Jeane Freeman, right, said:  “I want to thank all those who are supporting the roll-out of the biggest vaccination programme ever undertaken in Scotland.

“The vaccination programme is one of three key ways we are working to beat this virus.

“On its own it won’t be enough to win the race against the virus but along with our expanded testing programme to identify cases and break chains of transmission and the important lockdown restrictions everyone in Scotland must follow these are the three critical actions that will see us move, step by step, to protect the public, save lives and a brighter year ahead. Doing all of this will protect us, protect the NHS and save lives.”

Chief Executive of the NHS Louisa Jordan, Jill Young, said:  “As a national resource for the NHS in Scotland, we are proud to be playing our part in keeping our key health and social care staff safe to care for patients.

“The numbers of vaccinations carried out at NHS Louisa Jordan is a testament to the exceptional collaborative working between ourselves and NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde. We would like to thank everyone who has taken the opportunity to be vaccinated so far and we look forward to working with our NHS colleagues to roll out the vaccination programme further in the coming weeks and months.”

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