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    This is a link to the sworn affidavit by Craig Murray into the High Court.. Given the content of this sworn evidence no one can be under any doubt as to the utter vile corruption that exists at the heart of the Scottish Government, and the pillars of the state.

    The pillars upon which a state is founded have been shown to absolutely corrupt and the standing of Scotland, its government, its senior civil servants, its Crown Prosecution Service and sections of the police have been exposed to be absolutely rotten all the way up to the office of the First Minister and her close confidants.

    The First Minister must stand down. An external commission must be brought in to look in to the operation of the mechanisms of state in Scotland. This is the biggest scandal in Scotland’s entire legal history. It exposes governmental corruption that strikes at the heart of the process of any state.

    And, where appropriate, custodial sentences must be given to those who would so wilfully destroy the very core of our society. This conspiracy, this corruption of process cannot be allowed to stand.

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