A sizzling row has broken out between West Dunbartonshire Council and the owners of Bangin’ Pizza at Glasgow Road in the Newtown.

By Bill Heaney

What a shower of muppets and killjoys, West Dunbartonshire Council really are. And stupid with it, of course.
As if things aren’t bad enough during the lockdown, the SNP administration have moved swiftly (not their usual modus operandum) to respond to a resident’s complaint that the decor has become a little too bright out the Newtown.
And they have dismayed the owners of Bangin’ Pizza in Glasgow Road by ordering them to paint over the brilliantly painted shutters of their hugely popular shop.
A spokesman for Bangin’ Pizza said: “We are absolutely gutted to announce that we have been ordered to paint over our amazing shutters.
“This is one order we didn’t want to come our way. One local person has complained to the Council about the amazing artwork we recently commissioned on our shutters, so the Council have now stated we need to paint over them as we didn’t have permission.
“We never thought we would have to apply for permission due to the fact they’re OUR shutters, and that other shops within a 100 metres of us have the exact same cool-looking spray paint on their shutters and walls.
“We are situated in a ‘conservation area’ and apparently this artwork isn’t acceptable. They want to ‘secure’ the area (their words) and can’t reverse their decision.
“This really is a massive disappointment for the whole Bangin’ team – we’re gutted!! Not only are we investing a lot of money into the shop and the local area, but we also spent a fortune getting this artwork done by an amazing Scottish artist.
“The Council said if we didn’t comply they would paint over them themselves and bill us for it (we’re guessing this won’t be a cheap bill!).
“All we can do is enjoy the art while it’s still there, as it will soon be gone.
“We personally think it improves the area and adds colour and quirkiness – much like Glasgow’s vibrant west end! What do you guys all think?
“We’re so grateful to everyone who has supported us so far – we’re a small independent family business are we’re trying our very best to spread some cheer in these bleak times.”
Onlookers in the Newton are surprised at this move by Cllr Jonathan McColl’s SNP administration.
After all, Cllr McColl has the appearance of a guy who enjoys a pizza or ten himself.
And one would have expected him to throw his considerable weight behind the rapidly growing campaign to leave Bangin’ Pizza alone to get on producing their scrumptious pizzas.
You can see from the pictures with this article the variety quality of the goods they produce, a great saviour for those who have to choose what they want for their tea every night during lockdown.
The move to paint over the shutter signs show a distinct lack of political nous on the part of Cllr McColl and his SNP cronies.
It also shows a distinct lack of local local knowledge. The Newton has for the past half century been one of the parts of Dumbarton where the SNP vote is reasonably strong.
We have checked to see if their Scottish Parliament candidate Toni Giugliano is behind Bangin’ Pizza as a way of persuading Newtonians to vote for him come May 6, but so far without success.
I have honestly never seen so many posts on Facebook in support of anything in Dumbarton, street, house or hospital.
It’s quite obvious from this that local people care more about their pizza than they do about their politicians.

Here are a few comments they have made:

Cllr Jim Bollan of the Community Party said: “Don’t see a problem with this artwork. I think the decision should be reviewed by [council] officers.”
Paula McCann McQuade said: “The local papers might be interested in doing an article on this a getting local opinions if the conservation status is going to stop the trend of fantastic artworks going up. I think they definitely improve the area and attracts business footfal.”
Rrab Yelhsa said: “I can’t understand how this has been a cause for concern for someone to report. It brightens the place up and our kids love looking at it as we walk by!”
Michael Moffat said: “Shocking when there’s nearby shops who have the same thing , hope the council have a rethink.”
Monica Watson was of the opinion that the whole thing was “unbelievable” 
She said: “Some sad case with too much time on their hands. You need a counter petition.”
June Connelly Sherwood posted: “Get your lawyer onto this. Absolute disgrace. [It would] suit them better to spend money on the Vale and Dumbarton town centres.”
Julie Mcgregor and Carolyn Bowman both love the artwork – “Absolutely shocking that someone complained about this ,they should get a life , moaning miserable assholes.”
Robert Bruce said: “All because of one selfish horrible person. Ffs it brightens up the corner fight it minority rules idiot.”
Local man Iain Ellis has urged Bangin’ Pizza to appeal the decision, and Gemma Courage McCreadie said: “Awesome…whilst many businesses are so unfortunately closing down, you still get total bell ends nit picking. Won’t be much of a ‘conservation’ area if there’s nothing left to conserve. Empty shops would look so much better than artwork?….#getalife”

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  1. The council are bored with all the furlough and need something to fill in their day.

    If there was a brown envelope in it, it would be a different story.

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