Intensive care unit nurses have warned the public that Covid hasn’t gone away.

By Paul Cassidy

Figures this week from Public Health Scotland show that hospital-acquired Covid infections have been rising steadily in Scotland from September last year. Scottish Labour has said this shows there is still more work to be done to bring infection rates down.

Statistics revealed that the number of patients who became infected with Covid-19 while receiving treatment for non-Covid reasons reached their highest level in the pandemic so far.

The data showed that in the week ending January 17, 244 hospital patients were found to have definitely caught Covid-19 while on a ward for non-Covid treatment with a further 114 thought to have “probable hospital onset” of the virus. In total 358 people were either definitely or probably infected on wards.

Scottish Labour has said the Scottish Government must do more to protect staff and patients, further boosting calls for better PPE for NHS staff and more resources to allow enhanced cleaning and protective measures in hospitals.

Jackie Baillie MSP for Dumbarton, Vale of Leven, Helensburgh and Lomond said:  “Hospital-onset Covid infections have been increasing steadily for months and infections will keep rising if the NHS continues to struggle with staffing and PPE.

“The SNP still has work to do. Hospitals remain a site of primary care and more efforts must be devoted to protecting both frontline staff and vulnerable patients, otherwise we are fighting a losing battle.”


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  1. Non story, cheap shot, I’m afraid.

    The NHS is doing a good job in the vaccination programme. Infections should start to fall. But if people like Boris Johnson and his circus can fly into town then the public message about distancing et al becomes a weak one.

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