The recent death of former Dumbarton FC player Columb McKinley brought to mind the primary school team he played for 60 years ago on the notorious Rockies at St Patrick’s High School in Dumbarton, which at that time produced senior footballers galore. The top picture here, taken at Millburn Park in Vale of Leven during the Russell Cup tournament in 1960, was given to The Dumbarton Democrat by John Kangley. The line-up is back row: Matthew McTaggart; John Kangley; Tommy Casey, Columb McKinley, Alan Docherty and Tom Ward. Front row: Tom McMullen, Jake Boyle, Tommy Connolly, Alan Robinson and Arthur Williams. Bill Heaney

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  1. It’s only when you look at the surnames Ed do you realise the huge influx of people who must have come from Ireland to Scotland and in particular, but not exclusively Dumbarton.

    In many ways, like the Highland clearances, the influx of people’s out of Ireland, or out of the north of Scotland is part of a hugely untold story. Yes some know the story but many do not.

    Not always a happy story either for the reasons for leaving or for the reception received on arriving, the Celtic people’s had a huge impact around the world. The subject and the underlying causes should be a staple component of history teaching in Scottish schools.

    Anyway, in this one small picture with the names of eleven young schoolboy footballers there is a story being told that too many of us do not understand.

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