RANGERS: Supporters are being advised not to gather if Ibrox club win the Premiership

Humza Yousaf, the Scottish Justice Secretary, has  passed it to UEFA to take action.

By Democrat reporter

Humza Yousaf , the SNP justice secretary, has urged Rangers fans to obey the “stay at home” message for public health reasons.

Supporters are being advised not to gather if Rangers win the Scottish Premiership on Sunday, after crowds gathered at Ibrox on Saturday despite lockdown rules.

Rangers will take the title if Celtic fail to beat Dundee United.

Mr Yousaf also warned Uefa would be paying “close attention” in anticipation of the European Championships coming to Scotland.

Under current guidance, public gatherings are banned and a maximum of two people from two households are allowed to meet outdoors.

Football games are taking place behind closed doors with no fans in the stadium.

Mr Yousaf tweeted: “Our primary reason for asking fans to obey the stay at home message is for public health reasons.

“However, be in no doubt Uefa will also be paying close attention as the Euros are around the corner.

“Stay at home, otherwise you are putting your life, and many others in danger.”

On Saturday a large group of Rangers fans gathered outside Ibrox Stadium, with images showing singing fans and flares being set off.

Following their win against St Mirren, in which centre forward Freddie Morellos, pictured right,  scored trhe only goal of the game, some Rangers players made their way to the fence to celebrate in sight of fans outside.

Hundreds of supporters arrived at Ibrox on Saturday morning, with some seen crowding around a car entering the ground as police tried to hold them back.

No-one was arrested, but the incident has caused speculation that everyone who has broken the lockdown restrictions in a similar manner and been charged and fined will be pardoned.

Speaking on BBC Scotland’s Sunday Show, Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross called the actions of fans outside Ibrox “completely wrong”.

He added: “We’ve all done so much to get the virus rates down.  I understand passions run high with football fans, but it clearly didn’t match what we expect people to do during a Covid period, while many people still can’t even leave their homes.”

Conservatives Ruth Davidson and Douglas Ross – “many people still can’t leave their homes”.


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