The House of Commons in session at Westminster.

BBC Scotland is reporting that the SNP’s chief whip in the House of Commons has stepped aside while the party investigates a sexual harassment complaint.

The party said it had received a formal complaint against Patrick Grady and that “due process” would now take place.

Mr Grady, the MP for Glasgow North since 2015, became his party’s chief whip in June 2017.  The SNP said it would not be commenting further on the complaint against him.  It is the job of a chief whip to ensure their party’s MPs vote with its leadership.

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  1. Isn’t it absolutely incredible how nearly five years after a Christmas booze up in a pub full of colleagues complaints of sexual harassment arise weeks before an election.

    Oh we were out and he put his hand on shirt collar and five years later, no longer working in the Parliament, I feel the need to make a complaint.

    Pure awful man, he should be put away. And counselling, for the complainer scarred for life.

    But tell me this, with the GRA and the HCB what happens when the bearded chick with the dick undresses alongside your eight year old daughter who should be free to changer her gender.

    Ah, the father or the mother will be up on a Hate Crime charge for complaining. This is the new order.

    As for Patrick Grady. One cannot but help but think he’s been stitched up. Must have fallen foul of Queen Nicola. Because that’s what happens!

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