By Hamish Mackay

Two Scottish entries have secured nominations in the Amnesty UK Media Awards 2021 – The Times Scotland reporter, Marc Horne, and BBC One Scotland, both finalists in the Regional Media category.

Horne, who last year was named as runner-up in the Reporter of the Year category at the Scottish Press Awards, was nominated for highlighting the voices of 16 women who came forward to accuse Hardeep Singh Kohli, the comedian, presenter and chef, of sexual and physical violence, harassment and inappropriate behaviour.

It prompted Kohli to apologise for making women feel ‘intimidated, undermined and undervalued’ and led to comedy clubs introducing anti-harassment guidelines for performers.

BBC One Scotland was nominated for Disclosure: A Deadly Trade. It was an investigation into allegations that the North Sea oil industry is complicit in exploiting workers in India.

Hundreds of people have died in the ship-breaking yards of Alang, where a third of the world’s retired ships and oil rigs are broken up and decommissioned.

Reporter Mark Daly, pictured right,  investigated the companies who profit from this deadly trade and travelled to India to witness the human and environmental costs. Craig Williams, pictured below,  and Chris Foote produced the programme, and Alan Harcus was the cameraman.

BBC Scotland’s Craig Williams edits the Disclosure programme.

  • Hamish Mackay is media correspondent of The Scottish Review.

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    Bill, you know what the Brits did to Ireland. Did I tell you the first tune I learned to play on the piano was Sean South, in the 1950’s? There is nothing “impartial” or “independent” happening here. It’s war. That is the truth.

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