Here’s looking at You, babe: Scots baby names revealed and one of them’s YOU

Kyle and Gemma Fraser with their baby son whom they chose to name Joshua John. Top picture: The Registrar’s Office at the Municipal Buildings in Dumbarton.

By Bill Heaney

Margherita sounds like a cocktail. Temperance is a hotel which doesn’t sell alcohol and Jettison is what the management would do to you if you were caught drinking on the premises.

Babies named Margherita, Temperance, Jettison and You were among the new arrivals in Scotland last year, new data has revealed.

The full lists of 2020 baby names were published by National Records of Scotland this week with Isla overtaking Olivia as the top girl’s name for the first time.

Jack remained the most popular boys name for the 13th consecutive year with Noah jumping from seventh place to second.

Julie Ramsay, vital events statistician, said: “We can see from the 2020 names lists that different generations of parents have different preferences for naming their babies.

“Isla, the most popular name for girls in 2020, was the most popular name with mothers aged 35 and over, but it only ranked seventh with mothers aged under 25.

“However, Olivia, the most popular girls name of 2019, was ranked first by younger mothers and sixth by older mothers.

“Jack, the most popular name for boys in 2020, was the second most popular name with mothers aged 35 and above, and only 17th with mothers aged under 25.

“James was the most popular name for boys with older mothers while Noah was ranked first for younger mothers.”

While Isla was the top name for girls, one baby has the spelling Iyla – and there were other unusual spellings for Caldonia and Indya.

Among the other unique girl names are: Cleopatra, L-Elizabeth, Priscilladonna, Savvy, Temperance, Wing and You; with some foodie-themed names such as Margherita and Peaches.

Last year’s list contained a boy called Excel, with a 2020 parent having an Excell instead.

There were also boys called C, C-Jay, J and Jay-J; sports-themed names including Caddy, Lennie and Ricksen; plus Divinity, Fitz-Kiing, Jettison and Marvel.

Ms Ramsay added: “Popular culture often affects how people name their babies.

“The name Billie rose in popularity by 79% in the past two years with 34 baby girls being given this name in 2020.

“In the same time, Google searches in the UK for Billie and Billie Eilish spiked, with the singer having her first number one single in the UK in early 2020.

“Tommy, a name occurring in the popular TV shows Peaky Blinders and Love Island, has doubled in popularity in the last two years, with 148 boys being given this name.

“Our data shows it is more popular with younger mothers than with older mothers.”

  • On a personal note, my mother-law’s name was Anastasia Mary but because of her father’s strong Irish accent it ended up as Anastasia Merry on her birth certificate. And in the end, she was just called Stasia. Another thing about names is that I can never understand why clergy sometimes object to members of their congregation using Father instead of their Christian names. Think about it.

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