SNP desperately confused over the economics of independence and border issues

By Lucy Ashton

Responding to reports in the Sunday Times today that Scotland’s fiscal deficit has soared to eight times the limit set by the European Union for membership, LIbDem Treasury spokesperson Christine Jardine said:  “This shows yet again both the scale of the economic challenge facing the country and the fallacy of claims of quick re-entry to the EU put forward by the SNP.

“It’s time they came clean on whether they are planning tax rises or spending cuts to meet that target.

“This week has not only exposed the SNP as desperately confused over the economics of independence but revealed that they are contemplating a hard border with England. This would not only be dreadful for trade but throw up barriers between friends and families.

“Liberal Democrats will continue to argue for close relationships with both Europe and the rest of the UK. That’s how to ensure Scotland’s economy thrives.”

And to Nicola Sturgeon’s interview on the Andrew Marr Show in which she admitted that independence would mean “practical difficulties” at border, Alistair Carmichael MP said: “The different factions of the nationalists have spent all week discussing borders and currencies. This is what the whole of the next five years will be like if we don’t vote to put recovery first.

“Just as new Brexit borders divided families and devastated businesses, so too would Scottish independence. Nicola Sturgeon’s economic case for independence was garbled nonsense in 2014 and it has only rotted since.

“Nicola Sturgeon has now conceded that driving to your relatives in Carlisle could mean queuing up to show your passport. Meanwhile the businesses who rely on sending freight up and down the A1 or the M6 will be pulling their hair out.

“People should put recovery first with the Scottish Liberal Democrats.”

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  1. Too wee, too poor, we have to realise that we depend on subsidy from mother England.

    Once we realise that we will be happy.

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