Donegal – so close to Scotland yet light years away when it comes to a holiday to be savoured.

By Bill Heaney

Itchy feet? Now, wouldn’t you just love to get away on your holidays? You’ll have fairly missed the summer break and you probably can’t wait to get back to Ireland.

To places like Donegal of which people say without fear or favour that it’s “abune them all”.

When the weather is glorious, places like Ardara are stupendously sybaritic. Sand, sea and somewhere to rest your weary bones on beaches unsurpassed by any on Ireland’s North West Coast.

And when you find yourself in high winds and pouring rain – locals call that a “soft day” – it’s spectacular with the spray from the wild Atlantic Ocean crashing onto its rugged shores.

Enjoy the pictures on this page. Think of them as a postcard from Stena Line whose ferries are standing by at Cairnryan waiting until it’s absolutely safe to whisk you over to Belfast.

A trip on Stena Line can be like a luxury cruise with commodious lounges, great bars and restaurants, superb food and excellent service. Why not have a sauna during the journey? Your holiday begins as soon as you step aboard the ship.

Head for Donegal or wherever takes your fancy. A pint of Guinness or a hot whiskey, possibly, a day at the beach just chilling out?

Book a day’s fishing or go horse riding in the glorious hills. Eat the most delicious shellfish and tipple at fine wines from Italy, France or Portugal.

It’ll do you good after this most worrying, boring, dangerous year in our lifetime.

Make a booking as soon as you can. With so many people who will not be going abroad this year added to the Irish holiday regulars, it’s going to be busy on the ferries this year.

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