By Bill Heaney

Angry animal rights campaigner John Robins has taken up the cudgels with Network Rail over the level crossing at Cardross railway station.

John, pictured right,  wrote to Network Rail today expressing his dismay that local children may be in danger.

He wrote: “I’m afraid we have problems at the above crossing yet again.

“I contacted your National Helpline last Thursday and informed Network Rail (Service Request Number: 210429-000331) that for some days the gates at Bainfield Pedestrian Crossing and Public Right of Way at Cardross had been wired closed and a makeshift sign saying “Gates Closed” attached to both gates.

“I also informed your call handler that children were climbing over the gates to use the crossing thus putting them at further risk by being distracted and concentrating on getting over the gates rather than listening for trains, many of which are no longer sounding their horns at the Whistle Board at the east end of Cardross Station.

“Your call handler checked the system and could find no notification of work being done at this crossing or any other indication of why it has been closed.

“None of your track neighbours have had any notification. I was told that my complaint would be passed to your office in Glasgow.

“However I have heard nothing from you yet and children are still climbing over the gate to exercise their legal right to use this access to the foreshore and Cardross Railway Station.”

Mr Robins added: “As you know this crossing is a public right of way and under the permissions granted to allow trains to use this route there is a clause which states that you lose the right to run trains over this section of track if the public right of way is impeded.

“Please get back to me ASAP with either a very good reason for this closure (which must be a temporary closure) and a firm date by which the crossing will be reopened.

“If I do not hear from you within 24 hours I will consider either using my bolt cutters to remove the wire closure strips and reopen the public right of way and/or taking a court injunction to use the still in force agreement made with Mr. Bainfield in 1855 to stop trains crossing this right of way.”

Labour election candidate Jackie Baillie has been urged to step in and take up the case.

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