LOMOND SCHOOL pupils take the high road as they celebrate the return of singing in school

By Lucy Ashton

With restrictions around singing now lifted for primary aged children, Lomond School pupils celebrated their first musical performance with a fitting tune on the banks of Loch Lomond.

After 14 months of a ban on singing during the pandemic, the children were thrilled to be able to sing as a class again and performed a rendition of Bonnie Banks of Loch Lomond on Inchcailloch Island to mark the occasion.

Primary pupils at the Helensburgh school are now allowed to sing as a class again both indoors and outdoors as long as risk assessment is met with appropriate mitigations. Singing for secondary aged young people is only permitted outdoors or via a digital platform.

Ailsa Lawn, Head of the Junior School at Lomond School, said: “To say that we are overjoyed to have singing permitted again for our children is an understatement. Singing is such a big part of school, for learning and for bringing everyone together.

“After 14 difficult months of lockdowns, restrictions and learning from home, the incredible sound of children singing together once again was wonderful.

“It was very emotional to hear the children’s voices again – it is so sad that they have missed something that is so central to childhood, and to life. But singing is back and the children and staff are thrilled that this is part of our school day, once again.”

Lomond pupil Sophie (7) was delighted to get back to singing. She said: “Singing makes me happy and I have missed it so much. I couldn’t believe that we were signing about Loch Lomond when we were on Loch Lomond. It was amazing.”

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