Alex Salmond launches international chapter of Alba Party 


Alex Salmond has launched the international chapter of his Alba Party at an online rally as he stressed the importance of global pressure in securing a second Scottish independence referendum.

BY Lucy Ashton

Alex Salmond, the former first minister, addressed a joint online rally of Germans for Yes and Netherlands for Scottish Independence as he opened the party’s Alba International membership.

His new party failed to win any seats in this month’s Scottish Parliament election, having stood on a platform of aiming for an independence “supermajority” at Holyrood.

Looking tired and greying rapidly, he told those attending the rally that Scotland now has a “fourth mandate” to move to a test on the question of Scottish independence.

Mr Salmond said: “Westminster is struggling for friends in Europe at the current moment. Scotland isn’t struggling for friends but we need to make sure we mobilise our friends in pursuit of Scotland’s democratic rights.

“International pressure is going to be part of the campaign that’s going to force Westminster to grant Scotland the right, that any nation should have and must have, the right of self determination.

“The political strategy that is required, which Alba will be part of, is one that must be determined and sustained if it is going to force Westminster’s hand. And it is one that certainly will include the mobilisation of our friends across Europe.”

The party said its domestic membership continues to rise and is now approaching 5,700 – up 10 per cent since the election on May 6.

Mr Salmond believes Alba’s membership is set to overtake that of the Scottish Greens and Conservatives by the time it stages its inaugural conference in September.


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  1. ‘looking tired and greying rapidly’? isn’t that what happens to most folk in their mid-sixties?

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