By Bill Heaney

Hamish MacKay in his media column in the Scottish Review reveals that the exodus of female faces on BBC Scotland’s television news output, principally Reporting Scotland, continues.

Following Jackie Bird and Catriona Shearer is Sally McNair, 65, who began her career on the Evening Express in Aberdeen and then became Scotland’s first female sports presenter on joining STV’s Scotsport in 1982. She moved to the BBC in 1990.

Down south, Louise Minchin, pictured right, has decided to leave BBC Breakfast after almost 20 years – first in London then in Salford, setting her alarm for the unearthly hour of 3.40am.

Former longtime BBC broadcaster, Jenni Murray, in her column in the Scottish Daily Mail, sympathises with Louise, pointing out: ‘It’s a punishing schedule as I know from my years in the 1980s on Today and then, after Women’s Hour moved to the morning, I required a wake-up call at 5.30am.

It curtails the pleasure of evenings out and, having to be sparky at the crack of dawn means you feel pretty whacked out for the rest of the day. I wish Louise enjoyable and relaxing lie-ins, but I bet she’ll find herself waking early long after she’s left. I still ping awake at 5.30, then remember: it’s okay to drift off. Lovely!’

Jackie Bird, Catriona Shearer and Sally McNair, all leaving BBC Scotland.

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