By Bill Heaney

Dumbarton MSP Jackie Baillie wants an additional financial support scheme for people faced with travel bans.

She told MSPs at Holyrood today: “John Swinney will be aware that the mayor of Manchester is seeking compensation for those people who had booked holidays in Scotland that have now been cancelled as a result of the Government’s decision.

“The tourism industry has had a really difficult time, and losing bookings will come as a bitter blow, whether it is from Manchester or anywhere else.

“Will the cabinet secretary commit to putting in place an additional support scheme so that tourism businesses do not have to bear the brunt of decisions about travel bans?

John Swinney and Jackie Baillie debate about banned tourists.

John Swinney replied: As Jackie Baillie knows, the Government continues to keep business support under review.

“The First Minister will make a statement that will set out some further developments in relation to the wider context and the strategic framework for the handling of the coronavirus.

“Some of the issues that Jackie Baillie raises will be addressed in the First Minister’s statement, so I will not pre-empt that.

“However, the Government has put in place a range of different supports for tourism businesses, as with many other businesses, to take people through these difficult times.

“We will continue to ensure that we address any issues that are raised by individual sectors to our greatest ability with the financial scope that we have at our disposal.”

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  1. This Manchester thing is pure political spin from Nicola Sturgeon.

    If there is a risk of Covid then close the borders.

    Vacuous and totally unenforceable, and in fact absolutely unmonitorable declarations about travel bans to and from a major English city, is just spin.

    Quite why Burnham or Jackie Baillie are taking the Covid Queen on I don’t know.

    Sturgeon failed Scotland because Scotland had one of the highest death rates in the developed world.

    This Manchester thing is just garbage and Labour are falling for it I’m afraid.

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