By Bill Heaney

Jackie Baillie, MSP for Dumbarton constituency, has backed plans by Scottish Labour which seeks to help ‘pandemic proof’ Scottish classrooms ahead of schools returning next month.

The plan aims to introduce additional measures to reduce the risk of further disruption to young people’s learning and to keep schools safe.

 Jackie Baillie supports actions which include:

  • School staff in any booster vaccine programme as a priority.
  • Increasing testing in schools to monitor the prevalence of the virus.
  • A classroom ventilation inspection programme and active ventilation in classrooms that require it.

The plan also raises questions around the future of the school estate and how well it is equipped to promote and protect health and wellbeing.

Jackie Baillie has said there is a need to provide clarity to schools, their staff, pupils and their families regarding the return to school after the Summer break, and the Party’s plans criticise the lack of leadership and clarity from the Scottish Government.

Jackie Baillie MSP – We must always be guided by science.

She added: “Scotland is now four weeks from the start of the new school term and none of the strategic decisions necessary have been communicated to education authorities, headteachers and parents. Clear and timely communication is vital if we are to avoid the chaos that has marked the Scottish Government’s handling of education throughout the pandemic.

“We must always be guided by the science, and these additional measures are based on lessons learned during the pandemic so far.

“From testing, to vaccines and ventilation, this is a robust plan of action. Not only is it necessary to first and foremost keep pupils and staff safe, but it will also help reduce the disruption to schooling which has been significant since the outbreak of COVID-19.”


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