A few well kent faces from the West End schemes and schools back in the 1950s. Top team is from Castlehill (Dalreoch) primary school with players such as Roddy MacKenzie, Jim Nugent and Counrtney Anderson.

Next down the page is St Patrick’s (Castlehill) with Tony Murnin, Joe McCartan, Brian McGoldrick, Andy McDonald, Danny Todd, Joe McCann, Gerry Brennan, Charlie Gorman, Harry McHugh, Brian Kelly, Joe Mulvenna, Donnie Wilson and Harry Hyland.

Next is a school picture from Castlehill Primary, which was then – at the end of the 1940s –  part of St Patrick’s High School, and then another football team with the likes of Columb McKinley and Tommy Casey in the line-up at Millburn Park in Alexandria. How many of these young people can you name?

St Michael’s Boys’ Guild – Neil McCallion, Seamus McCallion, Pat White, John Diamond, Brian McGoldrick, Dred Sharp, Davie Rainey, John McCann, Jack Sweeney, Donnie Wilson and Ge Brennan.

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