ROAD SAFETY: Colourful streets pave the way for pedestrians

Council hopes to encourage more people to cycle and walk safely around Dumbarton

This pedestrian crossing can't be missed outside Dumbarton Central Station.

This pedestrian crossing can’t be missed outside Dumbarton Central Station

Bright colours were splashed across pedestrian crossings, bike lanes and outside schools.

West Dunbartonshire Council hopes the installations at Dumbarton Central Station, Dumbarton Academy and Dalreoch Primary School will help keep people safe.

Here’s a look at some of the eye-catching work.

Colourful crossing outside Dumbarton Academy.

The route to school now looks like this.

This bike lane can’t be missed.

Bike storage has been given a makeover.

An eye-catching crossing outside Dumbarton Central Station.


  1. I am so overwhelmed at this, I cannot find the words😢I hope there is some else you could find something to say😢

  2. Someone shd tell the SNP that painting the town red is a metaphor. This deserves a thistle up the kilt for whoever thought of it and for Lumberjon McColl for implementing it.

    1. Absolutely, he should have whatever medication he is on reviewed, and maybe go back to the Disulfiram🤔

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