INVESTIGATION: Greens ‘sold out to the devil’ on fishing in pact with SNP

By Rob Edwards in The Ferret

The Scottish Greens have “sold out to the devil” by failing to prevent fishing trawlers from damaging the seabed around Scotland, creel fishermen have claimed.

The party has also come under attack from campaigners for not addressing the “dire condition” of fish stocks in its draft power-sharing agreement with the Scottish National Party (SNP).

A party spokesperson said the deal with the SNP was “transformative” but understood there may be “disappointment” that all its manifesto commitments were not being delivered.

On 20 August the Greens and the SNP leadership agreed a draft shared policy programme, which both parties have presented as a compromise. It allows for disagreements on some issues, and led to enable Green co-leaders, MSPs Patrick Harvie, left,  from Dumbarton, and Lorna Slater, to become ministers.

Each of them is receive a £30,000 pay increase plus a seat at the Scottish Cabinet table from time to time.

The agreement promises to protect 10 per cent of Scotland’s seas from trawling and dredging by 2026 and to cap fishing at current levels within three nautical miles of the coast. “We are determined to make a step change in marine protection,” it says.

But the deal does not include the 2021 Green manifesto commitment to “exclude dredging and trawling from much of our inshore waters”. Nor does it mention the “mandatory catch limits” promised by the Greens.

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