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Wednesday’s front page of The Herald.

The number of people in hospital with Covid is climbing rapidly as a raft of new statistics laid bare the pressure facing the NHS even before the latest surge in infections.

You will be compensated between £25-£35 per clinic visit


Jackie Baillie, MSP for Dumbarton Constituency, has today raised the newly published Long Covid action plan by Chest, Heart and Stroke Scotland, with the First Minister.

This comes as a reported 74,000 people in Scotland are now suffering from Long Covid. Jackie Baillie has just started the cross party group on Long Covid within the Scottish Parliament which seeks to listen to the lived experience of sufferers and the expert views of health professionals to campaign for greater support and services for people with Long Covid.

Nicola Sturgeon said that she broadly agreed with the recommendations within the report and the calls for additional funding will be considered within the context of the Scottish budget.

Jackie Baillie MSP, pictured left,  said:  “Long Covid is fast becoming a crisis for our health service and society. The hugely debilitating condition is impacting on the lives of over 70,000 people and the numbers continue to rise.

“Chest, Heart and Stroke Scotland’s action plan addresses the issues of Long Covid and the Scottish Government should listen to and implement the recommendations.

“The Scottish Government has done far too little thus far to properly support Long Covid sufferers or to provide proper funding for tailored services. Waiting for the budget simply delays much needed action for another 6 months. Urgent action must be taken now before the situation spirals any further.”

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  1. Glasgow now has a new clinic set up specifically to vaccinate immigrants.

    Our local MP wants to take as many Afghans as he can to our area. In the Highlands we have the roads jamb packed with English tourists headed north as a result of the English School holidays.

    Any surprise therefore that the Highlands and Scotland more generally is awash with Covid, and now having spread for the herd, the First Minister says she is considering lockdown restriction and legislation for digital ID for citizens.

    Something doesn’t gel, What’s going on.

    Tony Blair fifteen years ago wanted to introduce mandatory digital ID to be carried by every UK citizen. But folk vigorously disagreed. Seems it’s back …….but only because of Covid you realize.

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