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As September arrives, I realised that today, September 1, marks 50 years since the last gas streetlight was lit in Glasgow.
Incredibly, Glasgow had had public street lighting since 1780, when nine flickering oil lamps were placed between the Tron Steeple and Stockwell Street.…
Hat tip to Lost Glasgow website

September, with Travellers

Sunset over Inishbofin and Inishark in Connemara.

August Kleinzahler

Coolness at evening,
a delicate astringent


It seems only last week
those sunsets,
like gardens of sky
in all their extravagance,
kept on without end,

the lightest of breezes,
trembling sage.

Now, the curtains drawn
earlier each evening,
the dinner wine left half-finished.

One guest after another
passing through.
A few quiet hours here,
a long, difficult journey from town,
before heading on.

What is the expression?
Gathering one’s thoughts –
as if kindling or hen-of-the-woods,
or perhaps something rarer still.

Rueful smiles,
their dear, ageing faces …
Never time enough

before having to head back,
back to where they left off.



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