St Patrick’s PS, McLean Place

Girls from the 1950s pictured above. Three names to help you pick out the rest of these girls – front row behind the shield is Marie McGuire, and either side of her are Margaret Elliot and Frances McGoldrick.

May be an image of 10 people, child and people standing

Dalreoch Primary School, Castlehill, Dumbarton

Fiona Farquhar Weisner not sure front three Robert Mills [caterer extraordinaire],  James Gibson, David Ferguson. Next row Iris Cullen, Isobel Black, Maureen Mullen, Laura Scott, Susan Johnson; Next row William Stewart, Archie Richmond, Ian marshall, Donald McDugal, Stephen Ptitt, Ross Matheson, Alister Aitken;  back row Mry McMartin, Mary Brock, Elizabeth Esdale, Glynis Johns, Margaret Bshford, Ann Freeman, Margaret Burrows, Rita Kennedy. I know others faces but canny remember namesPosted by Maureen Mullen

St Peter’s Primary School in Bellsmyre, Dumbarton

May be an image of 18 people and people standing
The teacher is Hilary Moore Gillespie. Thanks for the picture Joe Robinson

Hartfield PS in the 1950s

Boys and girls at the old Hartfield Primary in Crosslet Road, Dumbarton. Can you name them?

May be an image of 7 people and child

Pupils at Main Street PS in Alexandria around 1953.

Pupils at Knoxland PS in Dumbarton. Who remembers their names?

St Peter’s Primary School in Bellsmyre

If you can names the pupils in any of these pictures please e mail them to



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