HEALTH MATTERS: New Peace Gardens will help support patient rehabilitation

By Lucy Ashton

Work is complete on two circular gardens which will also form part of patient rehab route at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital.

The ‘Peace Gardens’ come complete with resting points for patients, staff and visitors to enjoy.

Situated next to the West of Scotland Mobility and Rehabilitation Centre (WestMARC), it is hoped patients will be able to use the route as part of their rehabilitation treatment on campus. WestMARC serves upwards of 42,000 active wheelchair and prosthetics patients around the West of Scotland and so teaching patients to regain or improve mobility is a crucial element of the centre’s work.

The original seating area idea came from NHSGGC’s Corporate Estates and Facilities team and tie in with wider greenspace and urban realm plans for the QEUH campus and was paid for through NHSGGC Endowments.

The Peace Garden at the back of WestMARC has meadow grasses and tactile bunny tail grasses planted, while another garden at the CMB side has cheerful daisies and hydrangeas.

In the short-term, upkeep of the plants is being managed by the Corporate Estates and Facilities teams but the hope for the long-term is that the gardens will be integrated into wider patient care, with the maintenance and planting involved forming part of therapeutic treatment for patients during the warmer months.

Catherine Nivison, Chief Allied Health Professional for NHSGGC’s South Sector, said: “The Peace Gardens are a beautiful addition to QEUH and I think marks the start of significant work going on to help make the most out of the green spaces on campus, while also helping us reach our greenspace and biodiversity targets.

“Not only will the gardens provide a pleasant outdoor space for people to relax, they’ll also help support patient rehabilitation of patients from WestMARC. It’s great to be able to shape the environment to support patient care and we’re looking forward to bringing the opportunity to patients to get involved in helping us look after the gardens.”

NHSGGC worked alongside Erz Landscape Architects, a Glasgow based design practice to create the Peace Gardens which are being used as a prototype for a similar garden at the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Paisley. The RAH ‘Halo’ garden will be used for respite, outdoor visiting, therapies and getting ICU patients outside for fresh air and an uplifting change of scene.

Pictured above: L-R: Catherine Nivison – Chief AHP South Sector  , Christine Siebelt – Corporate Facilities Support Coordinator, Kirsten Allan – Corporate Estates Sustainability Intern

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  1. Oh give us peace.

    This is a billion pound hospital with huge building problems as the SNP government who procured it review the chances of trying to recover hundred of millions damages.

    And here we have three senior executives posing on some new park benches promoting them as some kind of ‘ peace garden’

    Is there no end to the spin spun by this rotten and incompetent government.

    Peace garden! Aye right!

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