The public document states: “Consultation is an important first stage in determining whether or not SEV’s in West Dunbartonshire should be licensed and if so, responses will assist in the development of an SEV licensing policy statement if required”

It asks  whether SEV’s should be licensed;  what the appropriate number of SEV’s should be within West Dunbartonshire and seeks your views on these matter

Also whether there should be an SEV licensing policy statement and standard licence conditions and seeks views if SEV’s were to be licensed and regulated.

Changes to the Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982 allow the Council to introduce a new licensing regime for sexual entertainment venues (‘SEV’s’). As a result of these changes, the Licensing Committee can now decide whether SEV’s in the Council’s area should be licensed.

As it is a discretionary licensing regime, it is for local authorities to determine whether they wish to licence SEV’s. If a local authority chooses to licence SEV’s, it must determine what the appropriate number of SEV’s should be in its area, and the appropriate number within each relevant locality within
its area.

People are being asked to indicate in their response the capacity in which they are responding and to respond by  October 22, 2021.


  • Whether you believe that imposing standard conditions to SEV licences would assist in safeguarding the wellbeing of performers, customers and the wider public?
  • Whether you think that any of the example standard licence conditions noted above should be adopted as policy and included as standard conditions in SEV licences? Where possible, please could you explain your answer.
  • Are there any other standard licence conditions that you think would be relevant?
  • Can you make any other suggestions as to how the Committee could adequately address the licensing objectives within an SEV policy statement, these being:
    – Preventing public nuisance, crime and disorder
    – Securing public safety;
    – Protecting children and young people from harm;
    – Reducing violence against women 


  1. Nothing new there, Bill. It’s common knowledge WDC has been a cesspool of psychosis and insanity for a long time. Yup! That’s the SNP for you….off with the sporran and on with the strap on. It’s always the $$ with this scum of the earth.

  2. My oh my is Council leader lumberjack Jonathon not the boy?

    Licenses for strip clubs in West Dunbartonshire now that’s a whiz idea to garner some revenue. But why stop there Jonathon, if indeed, that is where you intend to stop.

    What about bondage parlours catering for all tastes be it straight, gay, lesbian, trans, inter or queer. O better still full blown whore houses on the Dumbarton High Street. A few beers in Spoons and then across the road for a bit of how’s your father. Certainly bring a bit of life back in to the decrepit empty shops.

    Who said the SNP were not full of ideas – and by the way, women exposing themselves to baying men is not sexual exploitation. Well not in the minds of our current SNP council it seems.

    1. You and Bill and the rest of the God Squad won’t like that. I remember Tim Huntingford of WDC wanted to change the name of WD because it did not “resonate.” How does “Lust Vegas” sound? SCOTLAND’S NO 1 MECCA FOR SEX. I bet that “resonates.” lol Just watch. The SNP will have the whole place crawling with pimps and drug pushers. It’s always the $$.

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