COVID: Call for teenagers to take up vaccine offer

24 September

By Harry Bell

West Scotland Green MSP Ross Greer has encouraged local 12-15 year olds to take up the offer of a Covid vaccination after recent figures confirmed that 40,000 of the 80,000 recorded infections amongst those aged under fifteen throughout the pandemic have occurred in the last month. [1]

The Green MSP made the call on Tuesday after asking the First Minister why NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde were among the health boards who failed to begin vaccinating younger teenagers as expected on Monday.

NHSGGC have subsequently began offering drop-in vaccinations for 12-15 year olds at sites across the region.

Ross Greer MSP, right, said:  “Almost half of all COVID-19 cases among children under fifteen during the pandemic have been recorded in the last month. It’s clear that much of the recent surge in infections was driven by the reopening of schools. I have repeatedly challenged the First Minister on the adequacy of mitigation measures in schools and am still concerned by the lack of progress on ventilation improvements in particular.

“Rapidly rolling out vaccinations for twelve to fifteen year olds will make a huge difference in reducing both infections and the number of cases which become serious enough to require hospital treatment.

“Children may be at far less risk of such serious symptoms but they are not immune and the adults around them, including their teachers, certainly are not.

“Young people were led to believe that they would be able to drop in for a vaccine on Monday and while some health boards had their house in order, it’s disappointing that NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde were unable to provide those drop-in vaccinations. I’m glad that this is now the case however and would strongly encourage young people across the region to get their vaccination as soon as possible.”


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