SNP leader Jonathan McColl and Bailie Denis Agnew.

By Bill Heaney

Nearly £500,000 a year is being paid out to West Dunbartonshire Council members in salaries and expenses.

The amounts paid in salaries and expenses are listed below. The council minute that records them is printed in the smallest type possible and is difficult to access, despite the annual report stating they want to be open and transparent in all they do.

This means that over the five year period in which he will be in office SNP council administration leader Jonathan McColl will be in receipt of £200,000 from the council coffers, which is twice what other councillors receive.

Cllr McColl also receives payments from outside bodies, such as the Great Glasgow and Clyde Health Board, which adds around another £40,000 to his total.

Bailie Denis Agnew, a former Provost who agreed to support the SNP with his vote after some political horse trading, receives around £5,000 more than other councillors who do not have convenerships.

Bailie Agnew is also allowed to wear a gold chain of office although almost every other local authority in Scotland has consigned bailieships to the past.

Denis Agnew Bailie £22,320.0
Convener of Cultural Committee
Jim Bollan Councillor 17,868.08
Jim Brown Councillor 17,853.96
Gail Casey Depute Leader of the Opposition 17,868.
Karen Conaghan Depute Provost 22,337.53
Convener of Appeals Committee
Convener of Educational Services Committee
Ian Dickson Convener of Corporate Services Committee 22,337.53
Convener of Licensing Board
Diane Docherty Convener of Housing & Communities Committee 22,337.53
Jim Finn Convener of Licensing Committee 22,320.00
Convener of Planning Committee
Convener of Tendering Committee
William Hendrie Provost 26,784.96 164.39 0.00 164.39 26,949.35
Daniel Lennie Councillor 17,868.08 15.96 0.00 15.96 17,884.04
Caroline McAllister Depute Leader (to 29/3/2021) 22,274.83  15.96 0.00 15.96 22,290.79
Douglas McAllister Councillor 17,853.96 15.96 0.00 15.96 17,869.92
David McBride Councillor 17,853.96  15.96 0.00 15.96 17,869.92
Jonathan McColl Leader of Council 35,712.96  15.96 0.00 15.96 35,728.92
Convener of Community Planning West Dunbartonshire Management Board
Convener of Recruitment & Individual Performance Management Committee
Convener of Sub Committee on Scheme of Delegation
Iain McLaren Convener Infrastructure Regeneration & Economic Development Committee 22,337.53  15.96 0.00 15.96 22,353.49
Marie McNair Convener of West Dunbartonshire Health & Social Care Partnership Board (IJB) 22,320.00  15.96 0.00 15.96 22,335.96 [Ms McNair also receives a salary as a Member of the Scottish Parliament]
John Millar Councillor 17,853.96 240.96 0.00 240.96 18,094.92
John Mooney Convener of Audit & Performance Review Committee 22,320.00 25.98 22.63 0.00 48.61 22,368.61
Lawrence O’Neill Councillor 17,853.96 111.88 0.00 111.88 17,965.84
Sally Page Councillor 17,853.96  15.96 0.00 15.96 17,869.92
Martin Rooney Leader of the Opposition 17,853.96  103.40 0.00 103.40 17,957.36
Convener of Vale of Leven Fund Committee
Brian Walker Convener of Dumbarton Trust Committee 17,868.08106.10 0.00 106.10 17,974.18
Use of Civic Car 0.00 0.00 0.00 2
TOTAL 459,852.91 201.55 256.03 1,584.81 0.00 2,042.39 461,895.30
1 Bailie Agnew has requested that this item be lodged as a Council Operational Expenses and not a personal expense

Joyce White, the council chief executive, receives around £150,000 in salary and pension contributions and at least five other officers are on around £100,000 a year.


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