TRANSPORT: Proposed sleeper train will connect Scotland with mainland Europe

Passengers could fall asleep In Glasgow and wake up in Frankfurt

Sleeper Train: Could connect Scotland to Germany.

By Peter Cassidy

A new sleeper train that would connect Scottish cities to mainland Europe is being proposed.

The German Green Party’s plans would see both Glasgow and Edinburgh connected to cities including Madrid, Rome, Istanbul, St Petersburg and Oslo, with a direct line from Scotland to Germany.

If it goes ahead then passengers could fall asleep on departure from Glasgow or Edinburgh and be in Frankfurt by the time they wake up.

Over 40 railway lines will connect several countries throughout the continent.

Scottish Greens transport spokesman Mark Ruskell MSP has welcomed the news.

He said: “The cooperation agreement between the Scottish Greens and the SNP commits our parties to significant investment to upgrade and improve Scotland’s railways.

“We know that if we want to encourage more people to leave the car behind me need to make rail a more convenient and affordable option for communities across the country.

“It’s also clear that the work needed to tackle the climate crisis can’t stop at our borders, and that we need to work with international partners to deliver real change that offers effective alternatives to flying too.

“That’s why these proposals for a vast network of European sleeper trains are so exciting.

“Linking Edinburgh with Frankfurt could prove transformational in how people travel for work, study and leisure. And of course these links needn’t stop at Edinburgh and Glasgow but could carry on north too.

“With the German Greens in with a real shot of entering government there is every chance that work on these routes could progress rapidly, and I’d urge the Scottish and UK Governments to engage enthusiastically with them.”

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