Suited and booted and looking smart for the opening of Renton Primary School. Above, Protesting parents had to campaign before council built the new school.

By Lucy Ashton

Excited children arrived today for their first day at the new Renton Primary School and ELCC and Leven Base.
More than 230 children will now be taught in the new building which is split into zones offering children flexible and agile learning areas which will increase independence as they work their way up through the school.
All the children have been involved in naming the different areas within the building and the design of the school is based around the journey of a tree with the children using the concept to name the different zones within the school.
Headteacher Lynne Dempster, said “I am absolutely thrilled with our new school campus and today seeing the excited children arriving for the first time was definitely worth all the hard work. I would like to thank all the parents and carers and all the school staff for their help and support but most of I would like to thank the children, who, despite the big change, have worked with us and coped very well with the transition to our new building.”

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