Councils failing to tackle climate crisis, says report

Plans by Scottish local authorities to cut carbon pollution are “deeply insufficient” and will cause Scotland to keep missing climate targets, according to new analysis.

A report for Conservative MSP, Stephen Kerr — backed by campaigners — has accused councils of all political hues of failing to take 80 per cent of the actions needed to tackle the climate emergency.

SNP, Labour and Conservative councils are not doing enough to make travel, transport, housing, land and resource use more sustainable, the report concluded  — and the Scottish Government should step in to help.

The Scottish Government described the research as “interesting” and said it had more than a hundred policies to meet climate targets. It promised “a catch-up report in the near future”.

Most local authorities highlighted the multiple actions they were taking, and stressed they were “working hard” to meet net zero emissions targets. Two attacked the report as politically biased and “ludicrous”.

Researchers asked all Scotland’s 32 councils to say what they were doing to combat climate change. Of the 20 that responded, they selected 11 and analysed their plans.

The 11 were run by the SNP, Labour, Conservatives and independents in a variety of power-sharing arrangements.

The full story is on The Ferret website

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