Tories opened Pandora’s box marked ‘sleaze’—and what a grubby, rotten receptacle it turned out to be.

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  1. Boris Johnson has just declared that the UK in not even remotely corrupt.

    Oh, how the poor in West Dunbartonshire and beyond in the Scotland region laughed at that.

    Panama papers, spectacular corporate collapse after collapse where the corporate elites walk away and the pensioners pension funds and deferred creditors lick their wounds, or where fill your boots COVID contract deals,abound, corruption in Britain is rampant.

    Sadly the poor suffering don’t care. Like the beaten pack horse, they truly don’t care, and that I am afraid extends down to local non Tory corruption. But hey ho, you have to ask what aspiration we in the Scotland region actually have.

    Never had it so good then?

    Me I’m off to drive my Ferrari to my yacht, and every one else should do the same. Let us all eat cake!

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