MARY’S MEALS: Regular gifts will go even further this winter 

Gbenda and Miatta live in Massatine, a leper colony in Liberia where the scars of the past are evident in every day life.

Although most residents no longer suffer from leprosy, many children – like Gbenda and Miatta – carry the responsibility of looking after loved ones left physically impaired by the disease.

The siblings only started school when Mary’s Meals arrived; Gbenda was 14 and Miatta was 12. Now they walk to class together every day after collecting water and firewood for their family. They know the plateful of rice and beans will give them the energy to learn and hope for a brighter future.

Miatta says: “I’d like to go to college. I want to work hard and do well.”

Gbenda is looking to spread his wings: “I’d like to move away from here when I’m older. I’d like to be a driver.”

If you set up a regular gift before 31 January 2022, your first three donations will be doubled by a group of generous supporters, thanks to our Double The Love campaign.

Together, we can reach more children like Gbenda and Miatta – safe in the knowledge you are right there beside us.

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