Updated December 14, 2021

Concerns raised about government survey of pupils asking what kind of sex they’re having

Councils can choose which questions to ask and children and parents can choose to opt out entirely.


  1. Good article the Democrat. Folks need to know what is going on in our schools.

    Can you imagine the response from the First Minister is she was asked if Peter gives it to her unprotected up the bum, or if she then indulges in fellatio thereafter, and how often.

    But that is exactly the type of questions being asked of our school children. That is exactly what Sturgeon’s government see is their right to ask of our children. And all to be personally identifiable and recorded on government computers.

    Or how about your use of drugs First Minister. A line of Charlie or a few poppers when you’re doing an extra marital line with your French floosie. And which girl uses the prosthetic if we may enquire. We need to know First Minister – it’s a requirement.

    Or more locally what about our Council leader. What peccadilloes does he indulge in. Come now, pray tell, it’s our right to know.

    Well, if you think this is all outrageous, and it is, then you know what to do – vote them out in the May council elections. Send them a message loud and clear.

    Enough is enough!

  2. And if the children don’t know about anal sex, well they should.

    One of the teaching aids to be deployed in primary schools is that of a jar of Nutella and a banana.

    All part of the focus on teaching children about LGBTI++queer and how it is absolutely normal.

  3. Well, it’s all Identity Politics masquerading as “scientific.” Every communist knows it’s liberal capitalist BS. Ruling class divide and rule. I’m all for minority rights…but I know a political tool when I see one. Really, I couldn’t give a hoot what people say they are….if you are ruling class it’s off to the gulags.

  4. No! “Helping children” is the oldest con in the book since the Pied Piper. Alongside the neo-liberal claptrap, the quack psychologists have been beavering away. We had the “Happiness Agendas,” the “Nudge Units” and change agents. It’s all about power and control. Scratch the surface and there is nothing meaningful to see here…except more lies.

    I mean, look, the same people who back this shit have massacred millions and displaced 50+ million across North Africa and the Middle East since 9/11. They’re all warmongering imperialists…..and they always cast themselves as “Saviours.”

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