It couldn’t have happened to a nicer person or come at a better time, writes BILL HEANEY

Dumbarton woman Mary Crozier Carr has won £100,000 in a Radio Clyde 2 competition.

Friends and family couldn’t believe it – and neither could Mary.

She kept asking Radio Clyde presenter Garry Spence, above right,  if his call was a “wind up” and broke down in tears as he delivered the great news of her Christmas windfall.

What Garry didn’t know was that Mary’s prison officer husband, Stephen,  had recently died suddenly in October of Covid and that she was still grieving for him.

Garry took some time to convince Mary who was very emotional that the Clyde One Cash Register was paying out – and paying out to her.

Mary, who works in the communications department at HM Naval Base Clyde on the Gareloch, scooped the fabulous jackpot exactly two months after tragically losing her husband.

Garry told a local reporter: “Mary’s call, for me, embodied everything that’s great about the competition.”

It takes the form of random calls from the DJ to callers listening in to his programme.

Mary answered the phone and it was obvious she was moved – nut unconvinced about what was happening.

She must have asked Garry about ten times if his call was a hoax.

Garry said: “You’ve got to be ready for all eventualities in this job.  I could tell straight away as soon as she mentioned her husband, this was something else altogether.”

Mary, who is soon to move to a new house in Dumbarton, said: “I can’t tell you what this means.”

Garry said: “Because you are dealing with such big sums of money, you go into an autopilot of care mode.  If my own mum took a call to win £100,000 I honestly think she would keel over.”

Sympathy poured in for Mary and her children when her husband, who was involved with youth football teams locally,  died. There was a large congregation at Stephen’s funeral in St Patrick’s Church.

Expressions of sympathy poured in to Mary, who is the daughter of the late George Crozier, who was a Sheriff and a Procurator Fiscal in in the Scottish  courts, and his wife, Mary Rose.

Everyone knows the Crozier family who lived for many years  in Oxhill Road and at Mayfield in Bonhill Road, Dumbarton.

Garry Spence gave his reaction to this best Christmas present ever for Mary and her family.

He said: ““It got everyone, this one.  I managed to hold it together until the call ended. The people in here were in bits.

“We had phone calls from people who were driving and had to pull over in their cars because they were crying tears of happiness for Mary.”

Garry’s social media accounts have been flooded with messages since his exchange with Mary who everyone agrees is a worthy winner.

Garry said: “The number of people, on social media, who are talking about how well thought of the family are is amazing. They just sound like the nicest people.”

Top picture: Mary Crozier Carr and her late husband Stephen, who died recently from Covid.

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