SOMETHING DIFFERENT FOR CHRISTMAS: let’s roll on with a line up of famous pubs and faces. 

Hi all,

I always find these messages right at the cusp of Christmas a tricky business. First of all, that pic of my painting Christy above is not another new painting, but a photo I happened across ten mins ago of me painting Christy maybe some ten years back. What’s the link you might ask, well firstly we might be tenuous on links today, as I didn’t sleep well and my brain kind of going it’s own way. But on the other hand, putting Christy and Christmas together seems to fit!

And with that in mind perhaps it’s that point where I plug my famous face prints of a Christmas, including the Christy one! Or not? For maybe first I need to mention another Chris, and that is my good friend and artist in crime, Mr. Chris McMorrow. Back in the gallery years it was really Chris, bringer of emergency coffees, painter and printer extraordinaire who kept the gallery show on the road. He not only sold more prints and paintings than the rest of us combined, but also tried to give half it back in the form of gifts, coffees, pasties and sneaky pints when you weren’t looking.
There were many jokes over the years about the Keeling Gallery being a misnamed entity, for it was really The Chris McMorrow Gallery all along.
Anyway, in honour of that, and as a small thank you to Chris, I’m going to do a tag team of Chris’s beautiful prints from his Dublin Pubs, and match them with some of my Irish famous face prints.

And just one last word, if you had planned those Christmas drinks with your nearest and dearest friends, but yet again mutating Covid villains with funny names like Delta and Omicron are scuppering those plans, maybe a little framed print of your Christmas pub of choice might be a worthy and meaningful gift. Just a thought. Anyway lets roll on with a Christmas line up of famous pubs and faces.

Mulligan’s Pub, Poolbeg Street
Limited edition prints by Chris McMorrow
James Joyce
Limited edition prints by Vincent Keeling
O’Donoghues Pub, Dublin
Limited edition prints by Chris McMorrow
Luke Kelly
Limited edition prints by Vincent Keeling
Evening Drinks, Kehoes Pub, Dublin
Limited edition prints by Chris McMorrow
Samuel Beckett
Limited edition prints by Vincent Keeling
McDaid’s Pub, Dublin
Limited edition prints by Chris McMorrow
Christy Moore
Limited edition prints by Vincent Keeling
The Long Hall Pub, Dublin
Limited edition prints by Chris McMorrow
Phil Lynott
Limited edition prints by Vincent Keeling
The Foggy Dew
Limited edition prints by Chris McMorrow
Ok, that is probably enough of a taster to show you, but Chris has tons of other legendary Irish pubs in his arsenal, and I’ve got a few more of the Irish faces too. They might work as gifts, or just lead into into the warm virtual embrace of convivial chats with old friends of a Christmas season.

I’ll leave it there for now. I’ve lots more paintings to tell you about in 2022. I’ve two big roses all but done, a new one of South William Street, lots of more personal expressive paintings, and in my quest to learn more I’ve begun a new series of masterpiece studies that I’m hoping you will like. Who would have thought it, but Rembrandt and Michelangelo are not the easiest artists to follow, and seem stubbornly attached to their secrets.
Very interesting to attempt though, and I’m hoping much to be learnt in the process.

Happy Christmas all! And if you are thinking of ordering some prints before Christmas please try get them in soon!
Then again I think An post, and the courier crews will be tirelessly working away until the final days and hours.

Hope you have a good one, and will be back annoying you in 2022!
Thanks for reading and Happy Christmas!

Vincent Keeling

PS. And thanks again to Chris McMorrow for all those years of friendship and support!
Happy Christmas my friend, and looking forward to sneaky pints soon:)

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