On Christmas Eve my son told me about St Peter’s Seminary in Cardross. Its history about being built in the 60s, and how nowadays it’s a very strange ruin of a building. Never knew it existed, so decided to venture down yesterday for a wee look.  It was well worth a visit. And these must be the weirdest photos I’ve ever tried to take. John Gillies

Photography by John Gillies


  1. Even as a ruin there is something magical about the architecture.

    Sadly, form over function was a competition where function, or at least quality of construction lost out.

    It would be lovely to see this listed building to be brought back into some form of use, but the costs, and the business case, are and have been for some time now been unreconcilable.

    When you look at some of the nonsense that the Scottish Government spends money on, one does wonder if there is a case for substantial grant funding to bring this facility back into some form of beneficial use.

    It would certainly cost a lot. Thirty million maybe – but properly redone, and with an identified use for going forward, that is where the continued focus needs to be.

    Else, we should shut up and just demolish it.

    1. I was at the topping out ceremony of this magical building, on the roof with a biting wind and rain whipping in off the Clyde. Now they hv got shot of Muriel Gray, the Art School shd take it over, but the SNP government doesn’t hv the vision for that. Culture is not on their agenda. Nor is it something the Catholic Church in Scotland has a history of promoting. Perhaps the new synodical system planned for the Church will allow space for some fresh thinking. If you always do what you always did then you’ll always get what you always got. Same old, same old will not take scotland through the 21st century. Who ever put Muriel Gray in charge of BBC Scotland needs his/her head looked.

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